Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shabby Apple Giveaway

Enter to win this Dress!!- The Spanish Steps Dress
One of my favorite clothing companies, Shabby Apple contacted me about doing a giveaway for them.

I jumped right on it, then they told me I got to pick which dress to give away to ya'll... and I got even more excited, but a little bit stressed!  Picking clothes for someone else, that's a whole lotta pressure!!

Luckily there were many many cute ones to pick from.. I chose the one above, the "Spanish Steps"... it's from their new Romin Holiday line.. which I am TOTALLY in love with!

I was lucky to go to Rome a few years ago, and I love how their new line captures the spirit and style of the city!

Some of my favorite dresses are:


I've been a "fan" of Shabby Apple for a few years now, ever since my sister bought this dress..

and called and told me it's the BEST.  DRESS.  EVER...

Since then I'll admit to buying a "few" dresses from them, but my favorite one is this one:

I wear it with boots in the winter and cute heels in the fall and spring. 

I love their new lines and have added a few to my "Spring Wish List"...

You guys are LUCKY today becuase....

Shabby Apple is giving Polkadot Chair blog readers and 10% discount!! Just enter the code "polkadotchair" when you check out to get your discount!

One of you is going to win the "Spanish Steps" dress pictured above!!!

To enter it's easy!!

- Visit their site and leave a comment here and let me know what your favorite Women's Shabby Apple dress is.

-For an extra entry head on over to Facebook- and "like" Shabby Apple

and for one more entry-

-Since you're already over on Facebook, "like" the Polkadot Chair for one more chance!!

Leave a seperate comment for each item that you do:

-Prize can be shipped to a US address only
-Contest open Sunday March 27th - March 31st at Midnight Eastern time.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Help me find the good in Mornings!

This is a sponsored post from BlogHer and Tropicana.

- This is a long post, but you'll want to read it all... at the end there is a chance to win a good prize!

I have a confession to make:

I am NOT a morning person...

you may all gasp as I hang my head in shame.

{I had contemplated inserting a photo of me in the morning here, then I realized I'm not that brave}

With friends at one of our favorite morning haunts

Actually I think this is not much of a confession as I have shared this fact before here on my blog, but here I am sharing it again.

You see, the fact that I am not a morning person has bothered me ever since I can remember. You've all heard the saying I'm sure "early to rise makes a man healthy, wealth and wise."  Well not me.

It's one thing that I would like to change about myself, but have tired numerous times in the past and have come to the conclusion that I am wired to be a night owl. However I am not willing to give up.

It's okay...

Since I have become a Mom and my kids have gotten older I have noticed that I've gotten "better" at mornings.  I have a teenager that gets up every morning and goes to early morning seminary for church, (she is not a morning person either, I wonder where she inherited that trait ? *wink*) and 9 yr old twins that need to be up, dressed, fed and ready to go when the bus comes to pick them up.

I tell all of you this because, I've been asked to write about mornings AGAIN!  I have to laugh because I think that someone is trying to tell me something. So now for the 2nd time you get to hear about my struggles with the "a.m.".

Tropicana asked me to write a bit about how I put the "good" in mornings... Since I'm not a morning person I've had to make a little extra effort to make my mornings GOOD... I have 3 kids that need me at 6:30 am  so I had to figure something out.

Before I tell more about my mornings, I thought I'd share with you a couple of things I learned this week from the good folks at Tropicana...

-Did you know that every 59 ounce Tropicana bottle contains the juice of 16 oranges? I didn't...

-Did you know that the ONLY thing in Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice is ORANGE JUICE? I didn't know this... I was under the mistaken presumption that grocery store juices had loads of added sugar.. Tropicana does not.. there is NO added sugar or artificial sweeteners!!

-Did you know that it only costs .50 cents for an 8 ounce glass of Tropicana juice and that 8 ounces give you TWO servings of fruit for the day? I didn't know this either...I hate to admit but I rarely get all of my recommended fruit servings in per day. (I don't really like fruit, I'd rather drink it that eat it).

-Did you know that a glass of OJ contains, Vitamin C, Folate, Potassium, & Thiamin?  Yep, there is a FULL days supply of vitamin C,  and as much potassium as a banana.

Pretty cool I think... I was really most surprised about the no added sugar, and the fact that for only .50 cents you can give your family 2 of their servings  of fruit a day.

I thought I'd share just a bit of what our family likes to do for breakfast... then ask for your ideas and suggestions!

note the OJ in the photo

We LOVE to go out to breakfast... We are lucky that there are a couple of fun places where we live with excellent breakfasts.  Now it's not really practical to do this more than once every couple of months, but it makes for a fun weekend activity when we do get to go.

Christmas morning 2008
I also like to try to make breakfasts on Holidays extra special. We set the table, make a fun breakfast and all sit down and eat together. My husband makes great waffles! We also like to do this on Sundays when our church is not until the afternoon. It's a fun break from our normal "rush out of the house" morning routines!

So now here is where I need your help!

Not every day is a Holiday or practical for a breakfast out... so for those of you that ARE morning people, how do you do it? Please tell me, help a girl out!

What's your best tip for me to make for a good morning???   After I get the kids all off to school, I tend to crash a bit... so what's your trick or your routine? Do you make the beds, jump straight in the shower, or head to the gym?

What's the thing that you do to put the GOOD in morning???

Leave a comment HERE with your anwer and you will be entered to win a

$100 Visa Gift Card from Tropicana!!!


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Also be sure to check out Tropicana on the web!!

Check out what more bloggers are doing to put the good in mornings on BlogHer's roundup page

Oh and keep an eye out here!! In two weeks there will be another opportunity to win a $100 Gift Card!

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